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MilMo – The First 3D Action Adventure MMO in Your Web Browser » Help
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Help & Support

A selection of Frequently Asked Questions about MilMo. The FAQ will be updated over time to include the questions that appear on the forums and support. Last updated: 27.06.2011.


Q: How do I find my log-file and/or my dxdiag-file?

A: A guide to find your log-file is found [here]. Info on how to find your dxdiag-file is over [here].

Q: I can’t log in to the game. The last thing I did was visiting Treehouse Island. Help!

A: This is a known issue we are working hard to fix. Thank you for your patience!

Q: I play MilMo in Portuguese on Orkut and/or Facebook. Where do I contact the support?

A: We will soon change our support system to an improved, updated system. But for now, please send an e-mail to support(at)milmogame(dot)com. Tell them your problem and attach a log-file.

Q: When I try to play it says “Error starting MilMo, already logged in”, or “Log-in timed out”?

A: Please wait five minutes and try again. If this problem persists, please send an email to support(at)milmogame(dot)com. Remember to tell your avatar name.

Q: When starting the game, it says: “Error loading friend list”.

A: This is a known server-side problem Dohi Entertainment is working to solve. If you got this problem, please send an email to support(at)milmogame(dot)com. Usually the problem is fixed within an hour.

Q: I am stuck in the avatar creator at the beginning of the game. How do I proceed?

A: We are working to solve this problem, hoping to have a solution within the next update. Try to click on the small yellow buddie in the creator. Try scrolling down in your web browser or try to zoom out using the muse wheel and CTRL (Internet Explorer).

Q: My avatar is all grey. I can´t see the world! What´s wrong?

A: This problem is most likely caused by your graphic card. Chances are you have a Geforce FX card. This kind of card does not support MilMo.

Q: Can you help me change the name of my avatar?

A: You can buy a name change ticket in the Cash Shop to change your name. Please not the name change is permanent and someone else might choose to change to your old name when it’s vacant.

Q: How do I uninstall MilMo. Do I need to?

A: MilMo caches (stores) some data on your computer in order to offer you a faster, smoother experience on consecutive logins. If you need to clear that data out, clear your web browser cache.

Q: I can’t start my game, or my game crashes when I start it. What do I do?

A:Frankly, a lot of things could be causing that behavior. But clearing your local cache in your web browser. If you still have problems playing the game, send an email to support(at)milmogame(dot)com.

Q: I found a bug in the game. How do I tell you if something is not working properly in MilMo?

A: We love feedback from our players! Please post your findings [here].

Q:If I press F5, my game stops and restarts itself. What’s up with that?

A: Boy, that’s a bit of a goof. F5 is used by all major browsers to access the ‘refresh’ function. If you refresh MilMo, the game stops and reloads, which is not useful. The best solution to date is to not press F5 during play.

Q:When I use the Opera Web browser and press both left and right mouse buttons, MilMo stops and reloads. Why is that?

A:We recommend that you play MilMo using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari since there are some known issues with Opera that are beyond Dohi Entertainment’s control. If you do want to use Opera, there is a way to correct the problem, if you go to Opera-> Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Shortcuts->Mouse setup->Opera Standard->Edit->search for “Flip”->Remove FlipBack and FlipForward. After this go toTools->Preferences->Advanced->Shortcuts->Uncheck Enable mouse gestures.

Q: I use Opera as my web browser when I play MilMo. It seems like I can´t jump while pressing certain arrow keys.

A: This is a known problem with Opera. Since Dohi Entertainment can´t do anything about this problem we recommend that you use WASD to move, if you want to run and jump at the same time.

Q: What kind of game engine are you guys using?

A: MilMo utilizes the Unity Engine, a Web3D player and game engine made by Unity Technologies. There are a lot of other games and services that use Unity, so you may already have it installed on your computer. If you don’t you’ll need to install it to play. Unity works like Flash and is a simple, free addition to your browser’s capabilities.

Q: Is there a way to delete my account?

A: Not at the moment. If you wish to delete your account, please send an e-mail to support(at)milmogame(dot)com for further questions about this topic.


Q: I chose a class direction and then the small crown in the corner of the screen diapered?!

A: This is working as intended. If you open your quest log you will find the class quest you need to finish in order to get your new ability!

Q: I’m stuck on a quest. I just can’t figure out how to move forward from here.

A: You can open your Quest Log by pressing ‘L’. By selecting a quest, you will display its description, which contains a description of what you need to do. Another tip is to talk to the quest NPC. If you have an active quest, the NPC will give you a hint or reminder. If all else fails, you can always ask other players, either in game or on the forum.

Q: I checked the quest description in my Log, and it said, “Reward: ???”. What does that mean?

A: This means it’s working as intended. With some quests, the reward is a mystery until you receive it. We don’t want to take all the excitement out of your life!

Q: I have noticed that i can accept certain quests again and again. Why is that?

A: Some quests are ” repeatable quests”. That means a player can accept and complete them again and again. This is often the case when the reward is some kind of consumable item.

Q: Is there any way of aborting a quest I started?

A: Unfortunately not at the moment.

Game Controls

Q: What keys do what in the control setup?


  • Left Mouse Button – attack/dig/pick up/use interface
  • Right Mouse Button – hold to rotate camera
  • Right + Left Mouse Button – move forward
  • W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys – movement
  • Space Bar – jump
  • C – attack/dig
  • N – align camera behind you
  • F – ‘use’ key: initate dialog, pick up items
  • Q/E – toggle weapons and tools
  • B – bag
  • N – news
  • M – Map
  • L – quest log
  • P – friend list (phone)
  • 1, 2, 3… 9, 0 – emotes

In Game

Q: Whats special with the Membership? And how do I become a Member?

A: Members get a -20%discount in the Cash Shop. They get special items, more gems, secret quests, the ability to find hidden Star Tokens etc.

Q: Someone is harassing me in MilMo. How do I report another player?

A:If you can’t find any GMs around: take a screen shot of the problem, write down the name of the avatar that is behaving badly and email all the info to support(at)milmogame(dot)com. GMs have the ability to report and kick other players.

Q: I don’t like the appearance of my avatar. How do I change it?

A: You can enter the looks (eye color, gender etc) of your avatar in the Make-Over Shop, found in one of the buildings at Seastar Resort, or you could enter the Cash Shop.

Q: I had a green and red voucher in my bag and was trying to save up for the golden voucher. They are now gone and replaced with a “Herioc Club”?

A: That´s right! We have chosen to replace the golden voucher with the mighty Heroic Club!

Q: Why am I not able to write certain things in the chat?

A: MilMo features a profanity filter. This is to minimize the amount of offensive language. We are always working to make this filter better. You can help out [here]

Q: How do you talk to other players?

A: Click in the blue chat bar at the bottom of the screen, type in your message, and press “Enter” to make

the other players see your message. If you can´t see the chat-bar in the bottom at the screen, see “How do I get to play MilMo in full screen”.

Q: Where do I find the other part of the MilMo world?

A: If you are talking about the three adventures MilMo offers: Summer Tide Saga, Mice & Maniax or Air World, enter map-mode and press the icon looking like a spyglass.


Q: How do I travel between the different islands?

A: You travel between the islands by using telepods bought in the Shop, or by paying in gems to June Shipping Co. June can be found on almost any island with her boat or helicopter. When visiting Spooky Island you travel by paying gems to the mouse called Green. To enter some islands you need to buy a Heliticket or become a Member.

June Coins

Q: Is it safe to by June Coins with real money? What happens if I pay for June Coins but do not receive any to my account?

A: Dohi Entertainment’s partners for online transactions are highly established, well known payment service providers with a strong track record, such as

PayPal and Allopass. We make a point out of choosing safe and well supported solutions.

Should you experience problems in spite of this, write to the Dohi Entertainment support as quickly as possible. We will look into the matter and resolve

your problem quickly and thoroughly. Contact us at support(at)milmogame(dot)com.

Q: I bought some items from the MilMo Shop. Can I regret the purchase and get my money back?

A: The answer is no, there are no refunds. Because of this it is important that you double check your purchase before pressing “BUY”.

Coins (vouchers)

Q: All my Vouchers have been exchanged to Coins, what’s this?

A: Find all the info you need about this [here].


Q: I started playing MilMo on your homepage/other portal. Can I move my avatar to Facebook/Aeria Games?

A: Unfortunately the answer is no. We are working to enable such a feature in the future. Until that we recommend you to create a new a new avatar on Facebook if you want to play MilMo on Facebook.

Q: Can I use Facebook Credits in MilMo?

A: Yes you can, if you play on Facebook!

Q: I bought June Coins to my avatar I created on, and now I want to move my June Coins to my account on Facebook. Help!

A: I am sorry but this is not possible. Be sure to choose carefully to which account you by June Coins, if you have several MilMo accounts.


Q: I started MilMo and entered the MilMo Maker to build a character. Now I can’t choose anything but gender and skin tone – then I’m stuck! I can’t find a way to progress.

A: This is most likely a resolution problem that our team is currently solving. If you use a computer screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or less, some game interface content will not fit into the browser window. This content includes the icons used to select customizations for your character. Try increasing the resolution in your graphics settings. If that is not an option, some web browsers (like Firefox) will show you a scroll bar on the right hand side of your game window. You can use that to scroll down to see the icons.

Q: How do I get to play MilMo in full screen?

A: To play MilMo in full screen you click on the square-symbol in the upper right corner of the game window. Press ESC to get out of full screen mode.


Q: I’m having problems connecting to MilMo. What should I do?

A: If you are having problems logging in to MilMo, check this guide out: [here]

Q: I played a while, my Internet connection is working fine – but when I want to log back on to the game I can’t! What do I do?

A: That could mean a number of things, but the most probable answer is that the socket MilMo uses to connect to the server still counts as occupied by your previous game. This prevents you from connecting anew. The solution is to close your browser and restart it. If your game still won’t work (it probably will), try restarting your computer.


Q: Do you have a forum? How do I upload pictures to the forum?

A: You can upload pics to the forum by clicking “go advanced” instead of clicking “post quick reply” when replying to a post. Click the a paper clip icon and follow the instructions. The forum can be found [here]

Q: Sometimes when I make a post at the forum it becomes a double post. Why is this?

A: Some of our Forum members have reported this problem when using Firefox or Google Chrome. If you encounter this problem, send an email to support(at)milmogame(dot)com.

Q: Do you have a Brazilian forum?

A: Yes, just click [here]. The Brazilian developer blog can be found at [here].