Parents, welcome to MilMo. We make it a primary concern to provide a safe entertainment experience for all our users. Please browse our guide and feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns you might have.

How does MilMo work?

A user starts out by creating a character, choosing attributes like a name, hairstyle and eye color. The character is persistent, which means it’s there every time a user logs in, and that it gets to accumulate possessions and attributes over time.
With the character a user can start exploring the world of MilMo, and engage in different game activities. Here is a list of the types of gameplay MilMo offers:


Talking to other players through the in-game chat or instant messaging systems. MilMo encourages constructive and responsible behavior. Game support staff monitor player behavior and enforce the policies in order to discourage disrespectful, abusive or derogatory communication.

Making friends

Our social feature system includes a Friend List, where users can add people they have gotten to know (or already know from real life). The Friend List allows for extended networking features like seeing who among your friends is online, where they are in a crowd, etc.


MilMo offers users a plethora of beautiful levels. A level is a well defined, self-enclosed piece of the game world that offers a user a set of challenges.

Special Abilities

Characters in MilMo can acquire something called Special Abilities. A Special Ability is a game item that grants access to otherwise unavailable abilities, such as jumping higher, running faster, or being more resistant to harm.


Part of the challenge that MilMo offers is combat against different computer-controlled antagonists. These antagonists are, for example, crabs or tree stumps. Combat in MilMo is highly stylized, and falls into the category of mild cartoon violence. It contains no blood, suffering or gratuitous imagery of any kind. Enemies are defeated, not killed.


As players achieve different pre-determined goals in MilMo, they win medals. A medal is a visual and symbolic reward for accomplishing a milestone in the game. Certain advanced medals may grant a user’s character perks, such as new equipment or a new special ability.


Certain non-player characters in MilMo will offer users quests. A quest is a task, or set of tasks, for the player to complete, with a reward tied to its successful completion. Most quests also tell a story.


MilMo staff monitor the game and enforce the rules of our Terms of Use. We strongly encourage a friendly, co-operative and respectful tone in all in-game communication.


We understand that your privacy and the privacy of your children is a very serious matter. Because it’s so important, we take stringent measures to ensure your privacy is protected. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all the details. The key points are:
We never pass on any personal information to anyone.
We collect personal information only when it is necessary to conduct business or to improve the quality of service for our end users.
Any information collected by Dohi Entertainment is kept very safe.
We may share non-personal information (things that cannot be used to identify an individual user) such as gender, amount of hours logged, etc. for purposes of science or marketing.
If you want an excerpt of your personal information, or that of your child, stored by Dohi Entertainment, or if you want that information deleted and the account terminated, write to and we will get in contact with you. Label the e-mail ‘Personal Information Request’.